The USKZBA is thrilled to be an official partner of the US National Pavilion at Expo 2017. The USKZBA Board, including many of the USA Pavilion’s top level partners, recognizes the importance of U.S. participation in the Expo. Expo 2017 is a prime opportunity to showcase American innovation and the U.S. business community’s strong commitment to continued cooperation and partnership with Kazakhstan.

June 10 – September 10 • Astana, Kazakhstan


The theme of the Expo 2017 is “Future Energy” with a focus on green technologies, sustainable development and energy for all. Featuring the theme of the Source of Infinite Energy, the USA Pavilion shares the partnerships, triumphs and dreams of the American people and seeks to inspire all visitors with the key message: “The Energy in Each of Us Together Empowers the World”. The USA Pavilion illustrates the American belief that an innovator is anyone with vision and a change-maker is anyone with a dream and the determination to follow it through.


For more information on the US Pavilion, events and supporters of the US Pavilion, please visit the USA Pavilion 2017 official website or follow the Pavilion team, Student Ambassadors and their adventures in Astana on the official USA Pavilion Facebook Page.


The USKZBA will partner with the USA Pavilion and the US Embassy in Astana to host business focused events at the Pavilion throughout the Expo. If your company is interested in getting involved or hosting a specialized event at the US Pavilion, please contact us.


The Future of Energy is one of the greatest challenges of the 21st Century.  As populations and economies grow millions more people need access to energy, but how to do that without increasing emissions?  The world needs energy solutions that help build a more prosperous, secure and cleaner future for everyone.  Join the USA Pavilion at Expo 2017 to discover the true source of infinite energy.