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Access Industries, Inc. - Access Industries, Inc. is a private, U.S.-based holding company that makes strategic, value-enhancing investments in basic and advanced industries, with an emphasis on energy. Both directly and through its affiliates, Access Industries generates and leverages value by actively managing the diverse assets in its portfolio. These assets include industrial companies throughout Russia and Kazakhstan as well as venture capital investments and other holdings in the U.S. and Europe.

AES Corporation - AES Silk Road serves the geographic regions of the newly independent states of the former Soviet Union including Central Asia and the Caucasus as well as Israel. Since 1996, AES has remained committed to its multimillion dollar investment in Kazakhstan's power generation industry. A major U.S. investor in Kazakhstan, AES currently manages more than 8,100 MW of total power generation capacity in Kazakhstan.

ChevronTexaco Corporation - ChevronTexaco is proud of its pioneering role in developing successful business partnerships with the Republic of Kazakhstan. As Kazakhstan's largest oil producer, ChevronTexaco holds important stakes in two of the nation's largest petroleum projects - the Tengiz and Karachaganak fields, both discovered in 1979. ChevronTexaco is also the largest private shareholder in the Caspian Pipeline Consortium (CPC), whose shareholders also include the Kazakh and Russian governments. CPC, which opened in 2001, stands as a model of regional cooperation that has unlocked the petroleum resources of Kazakhstan to world markets. ChevronTexaco is committed to increasing the percentage of national employees and our use of local goods and services in our operations nationwide. Community development funds have been established to support sustainable economic development, focused on wide variety of health, education, environmental and infrastructure projects, in the regions where ChevronTexaco employees live and work.

ConocoPhillips - ConocoPhillips works closely with members of the Agip Kazakhstan North Caspian Operating Company (Agip KCO), formerly known as OKIOC, to develop the enormous energy reserves found in the Kashagan field.  Agip KCO expects to complete its six exploration well commitment before the end of 2003, and has conducted extensive 3-D seismic work over the past six years.  ConocoPhillips has exercised its right to increase its interest to approximately 8.3% ownership in Kashagan, with rights to 10.5 blocks in the area, as covered in a 20-year production sharing agreement with the Kazakhstani government that contains options for extension.  Appraisal of the Kashagan field is in its final stages, and drilling of one of the four satellites has led to the recent discovery of the Kalamkas Field.  Appraisal plans for Kalamkas are being prepared, and three more satellite fields are slated for drilling in 2003.

ExxonMobil Corporation - ExxonMobil participates in exploration and producing activities in Kazakhstan. It is a member of the Tengizchevroil (TCO joint venture), with a 25% interest, and the Caspian Pipeline Consortium (CPC), with a 7.5% interest. ExxonMobil also holds a 14.3% interest in the North Caspian Production Sharing Agreement that is exploring Kazakhstan's sector of the Caspian Sea. Additionally, ExxonMobil operates two service stations in Almaty.

Fluor Corporation - Fluor established its presence in Kazakhstan in 1990. Since that time, Fluor has worked to help the Government of Kazakhstan, and major oil and gas companies in the Caspian Region, undertake the rapid development of its oil and gas reserves through major production and transportation projects. Fluor has played significant roles in both onshore and offshore projects from field development to major pipelines. Principal projects include project management for the Caspian Pipeline Consortium (CPC) pipeline system, expansion of the Tengiz oil field for Tengizchevroil and front-end engineering for Agip KCO. Fluor's long-term interest in Kazakhstan is underscored by its commitment to developing and utilizing Kazkhstani resources, and by its dedication to numerous programs for worker training, technology transfer, local content, the establishment of joint ventures, and collaboration with Kazakhstani design institutes.

General Electric Company - General Electric Company has had a long history in Kazakhstan. GE's first delivery of generators to Kazakhstan was made in the 1940's, and GE International has been present in Kazakhstan since 1994. Today, with a regional liaison office in Almaty handling GE's key business in Central Asia, GE is actively pursuing regional projects in both the public and private sectors. Among GE's customers in Kazakhstan are such companies as Air Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan Temir Zholy, Kaztransgas, Orion Kazakhstan and many others. GE is involved in the development of the oil and gas sector of Kazakhstan, and has been working on important electric power, nuclear fuel processing, medical, and street lighting projects.

Parker Drilling Company - Parker Drilling Company, through its wholly owned subsidiary, Parker Drilling Company International Ltd, has been providing drilling services in Kazakhstan since 1993. Parker currently owns or operates 14 drilling/workover rigs for Tengizchevroil in Tengiz, KPO in Karachaganak and Agip KCO in the north Caspian Sea. Parker has also successfully completed projects for Oryx in the Arman Field and in the Caspian Sea, Partex Oman in the Dunga Field, Texaco in the North Buzachi Field and the Japanese National Petroleum Corporation in the northwest Aral Sea. Parker is committed to local content development and has formed a joint venture with a Kazakhstani company that has ownership of drilling equipment to provide drilling services for major oil and gas projects such as Tengiz. By developing local companies, Parker has benefitted from their knowledge of the region and demonstrated its long term commitment to Kazakhstan.

RWE NUKEM, INC. - RWE NUKEM, Inc., based in Danbury, CT has been a major fuel supplier to the nuclear power industry worldwide for over 25 years. RWE NUKEM, Inc. provides uranium concentrates, conversion and enrichment services to U.S. and overseas utilities. Together with its parent company in Alzenau, Germany, RWE NUKEM is the world's largest nuclear fuel marketer, and the third largest supplier of nuclear fuel components behind France's Cogema and Canada's Cameco. RWE NUKEM has purchased the majority of Kazakhstan's natural uranium production since 1992, when it entered into a long term contract which has since been extended to 2010. Through strategic cooperation agreements with its partner Kazatomprom, RWE NUKEM has developed markets for uranium conversion, processing and fabrication services as well as beryllium production from the Ulba Metallurgical Plant in Ust Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan.

Sustaining Members

Deere & Co. - Founded in 1837 by a blacksmith, John Deere today has 43,000 employees working around the world in three equipment operations - agriculture, construction and commercial/consumer machines - as well as credit operations and four support businesses. Deere has been the world's premier producer of agricultural equipment since 1963. The Company markets, sells and services a full line of agricultural equipment in Kazakhstan, including state-of-the-art combine harvesters and cotton pickers in support of Kazakhstan's commitment to re-vitalize its agricultural sector.

Halliburton Company - Halliburton Company, founded in 1919, is one of the world's largest providers of products and services to the petroleum and energy industries. The company serves its customers with a broad range of products and services through its Energy Services Group (ESG) and Engineering and Construction Group (KBR) business segments. Both business units are focused on Kazakhstan's oil industry. Halliburton has demonstrated its commitment to the independent state of Kazakhstan, through involvement in all of its major projects and joint ventures of the last ten years. Currently, Halliburton has offices in Almaty, Atyrau, and Aktau, and employs almost 300 people, of whom more than 75% are citizens of Kazakhstan. While adhering to the industry's best practices in global health, safety, and the environment, Halliburton works to affirm Kazakhstan's bright future by supplying local companies with new technology and training.

Regular Members

Brush International - Brush Wellman Inc., a member of the Brush Engineered Materials Inc. group, has entered into a long term agreement with Ulba Metallurgical Plant, Ust Kamenogorsk, NAC Kazatomprom, Almaty and RWE Nukem, Inc., Danbury,CT, for the supply of Beryllium Copper Master Alloy produced by Ulba Metallurgical Plant. Brush Wellman provided the technology and a furnace for the production of the products, which will be manufactured by Ulba Metallurgical Plant, financed and marketed by RWE Nukem Inc. Brush Wellman will use the products in the manufacture of finished products in its USA facilities. In this project and in future initiatives, Brush Wellman is collaborating with Ulba and RWE Nukem to develop additional higher added value products which the Ulba Metallurguical Plant can supply to Brush Wellman for distribution globally.

Coudert Brothers, LLP - Coudert Brothers' Central Asia and Caspian Practice, based out of Almaty, Kazakhstan since 1998, is a fully staffed office providing a full range of legal services for foreign and local clients in the region. The Practice Group is comprised of both expatriate and local attorneys who counsel clients on a variety of transactions including oil and gas, power and infrastructure, mining and metals, and telecommunications.

Lockheed Martin - Lockheed Martin provides innovative information technologies critical to Kazakhstan's developing infrastructure and economic advancement.

Parsons - Parsons is licensed and has been working in Kazakhstan since November, 1998, to provide design and technical assistance to TengizChevroil, and fostering an alliance with NIPIneftegas for process facilities. Parsons is also providing construction management services to the Karachaganak consortium and design services for the Kashagan field. In all these projects, Parsons is strategically promoting local content in design, manufacturing, and enhancing commercial skills for the greater competitive strength of Kazakh people and companies.

PricewaterhouseCoopers - PricewaterhouseCoopers is the world's largest professional services organization. Drawing on the knowledge and skills of more than 150,000 people in 150 countries, we help our clients solve complex business problems and measurably enhance their ability to build value, manage risk and improve performance in an Internet-enabled world. With more than 90 staff based in the Almaty office and more than 150 staff throughout the Caspian region, the firm has grown to dominate the international energy industry in Kazakhstan. Almost every major oil and gas company operating in Kazakhstan looks to PricewaterhouseCoopers for assistance in tax and legal issues as well as assurance and business advisory support. PricewaterhouseCoopers refers to the member firms of the worldwide PricewaterhouseCoopers organization.

Associate Members

ACDI/VOCA - ACDI/VOCA is a U.S.-based, private nonprofit development organization that promotes progress in emerging democracies and developing countries. It offers technical assistance services and strategies to small and medium sized enterprises, especially agribusinesses, associations and governmental agencies through microcredit loan funds and business training at the grassroots level.

American Councils for International Education: ACTR/ACCELS - Founded in 1974, American Councils is an international nonprofit organization and recognized leader in the development and exchange of knowledge between the US and Eastern Europe/Eurasia, including Kazakhstan. Its mission is to foster independence and prosperity by advancing education and research, cultivating leadership, and empowering individuals through learning.

American Chamber of Commerce in Kazakhstan - The Chamber was formally established and registered in Kazakhstan in March, 1999. In October, 2000 the Chamber was accepted as an official Chamber of Commerce of the US Chamber of Commerce, and by mid-2002, represented a membership base of over 115 companies, including American, international and local firms all doing business on the territory of Kazakhstan, Central Asia.

The Arizona-Kazakhstan Partnership Foundation, Inc. - The Arizona-Kazakhstan Partnership Foundation, Inc., is a nonprofit corporation that conducts and promotes cultural and educational exchanges with the country of Kazakhstan. The Foundation was formed in 1998 to continue and expand upon contacts that were made with Kazakhstan through the Sister Cities program that links Tucson, Arizona with Almaty, Kazakhstan.

The Eurasia Foundation - The Eurasia Foundation is a privately managed grantmaking organization dedicated to funding programs that build democratic and free market institutions in the Newly Independent States of the former Soviet Union. Programs are supported by a major grant from U.S. AID and by private contributors. Since opening its first office in Central Asia in 1994, the Foundation has awarded nearly 1,000 grants totaling over $17 million in the five countries of Central Asia.

The International Foundation for Election Systems - The International Foundation for Election Systems is a duly-registered, U.S. AID-funded non-partisan NGO working in Kazakhstan since 1994 in support of democratic transition. IFES conducts programs nationwide in support of student civic education, maintaining formal relationships with the Ministry of Education, individual schools, and private NGOs. IFES work in the civic education, civil society and election reform sectors is designed to aid Kazakhstan in fostering the growth of democratic institutions and a culture of democratic governance.

International Tax and Investment Center - The International Tax and Investment Center (ITlC) is an independent nonprofit research and education foundation with offices in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, the United Kingdom and the United States. Organized in 1993, the ITIC is organized to serve as a clearinghouse for information and as a training center to transfer Western taxation and investment know-how to improve the investment climate of transition countries, thereby spurring formation and development of business and economic prosperity. Through ITIC's forums, "hands-on" working sessions, and special relationships with Kazakhstani officials, ITIC brings together Western business experts with government policy makers and members of Parliament to address a range of issues and problems.

The U.S. Civilian Research & Development Foundation - The U.S. Civilian Research & Development Foundation (CRDF) is a nonprofit, charitable organization created by the United States Government in 1995 to promote scientific and technical collaboration between the United States and the countries of the Former Soviet Union. In Kazakhstan, the CRDF's research grants to teams of scientists and targeted institution-building activities have provided critical research funding during the economic transition, and enhanced the country's scientific and technological potential. The CRDF's programs also support U.S. nonproliferation goals by employing former weapons researchers in civilian research activities.

United States Industry Coalition, Inc. – The U.S. Industry Coalition (USIC) is a non-profit association of American businesses who are actively engaged in technology commercialization in the service of national security, nonproliferation and global peace. USIC members may opt to pursue partnership projects through well-established programs with the U.S. Department of Energy's National Nuclear Security Administration, or to create new business-to-business ventures with scientists and engineers in Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Russia, countries in the Caucasus, or other important regions. USIC members enjoy the benefits of USIC’s decade-long experience in successful technology commercialization in challenging economic and political environments.

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