General Electric

GE Transportation is a global leader in diesel rail locomotives designed for high-efficiency and low emissions. GE began working with Kazakhstan Temir Zholy (KTZ) in 1995, and the first locally produced GE Evolution series locomotive rolled off the assembly line of Lokomotiv Kurastyru Zauyty (LKZ) in Astana in 2010. Today, over 700 new and modernized locomotives in Kazakhstan are powered by GE engines, and the country’s fleet is the youngest and most efficient in the CIS. In Kazakhstan, 20 GE gas turbines are providing power to cities and regions across the country, including Astana and Almaty. GE is partnering with Kazakhstan to develop the country’s energy industry, supplying hundreds of units of equipment , including advanced ultra-high-pressure turbo-compressors. In Kazakhstan, GE is working with public and private medical institutions, bringing advanced medical diagnostic equipment and global healthcare best practices. GE opened a healthcare training center in Almaty in 2007 to teach diagnostic techniques to specialists from across Kazakhstan. GE is partnering with Kazakhstan to develop plans to capture the country’s abundant wind resources with wind farms utilizing innovative turbine technologies. GE is helping build local skills and expertise in Kazakhstan, part of our global commitment to move technology forward. GE is partnering with Nazarbayev University on multiple research projects, including applying new cancer diagnostic innovations in healthcare, as well as tackling challenges of water pollution and scarcity with bio-membrane and reverse osmosis technologies. GE and NU have also agreed to cooperate in engineering, healthcare education, as well as on plans for a dedicated science park and a medical cluster in Astana featuring advanced healthcare technologies.

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